Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Color Copier is Your Best Spirit Friend!

These pages are all examples of locker decorations that were created by producing template design and then making color copies!

It is easy to take one sheet of paper and glue together one "scrapbook"Like page. These borders, headers, stickers or stationary can be found in many places. The most popular being a scrapbook or craft store, but discount department or Dollar stores also have "parts" that can be used in a template. Check the craft sections, office supply areas, and the gift wrapping aisle for not only seasonal tidbits, but for items not tipically use for scrapbooks; like post notes & index cards!
This type of template or Single design background can be used many time after the 1st one is created. It can be reproduced by the same team each year or by different teams at the same school. The Locker committee should have a notebook of all the designs available for volunteers to use year after year. By having an original on file . . .this also gives other parents a chance to contribute. Ask for volunteers to color copy the designs while they are at work. After these copies are made, other moms can add the stamps, names, dates or glitter to embellish and personalize each decoration.
Thanks again Julie!!! Kisses!

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