Thursday, April 19, 2012

Collins Hill Sr Locker Info

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Senior locker decorations are a tradition at Collins Hill High School and an opportunity for you to celebrate your senior’s achievements!

 Celebrate Your Senior!

This locker strip is a blank canvas. Some families include dozens of photos and decorative items while others create simpler designs, but all convey the same message of love and pride.

Decorating Ideas:
·         Strips can be painted using craft or spray paint.
·         Use a theme. Create a biography with photos and elements from different milestones. Or, focus on high school friendships, sports and achievements. It is up to you!
·         Use scrapbooking items found in craft stores to embellish your design.

Decorating Do’s
·         Have your locker strip completely decorated when you bring it to the school.
·         Plan how you will attach the strip to the metal locker door. Clear packing tape and magnet strips are the most effective.
·         Use appropriate language and visuals in your design, following Gwinnett County Schools guidelines.
·         Know the correct locker number. If you don’t know the number, check with a volunteer when you arrive to hang your decoration.

Decorating Don’ts
·         Put anything on the wall above the locker.
·         Use irreplaceable photos (consider having copies made on photo paper)
·          Use double sided or hot glue on the lockers.

Laminating your completed locker strip helps to keep items in place, prevents tearing and helps preserve it. If you choose to have your strip laminated, here are a few suggestions to ensure the best results:
·         Limit layering as much as possible. The flatter the material, the better the lamination will bond and seal. You can use 3D decorations such as puffy letters, eagles and metal objects, just add them after lamination.
·         Use just enough glue to hold things in place. Glue needs to be thoroughly dry.
·         Laminate doesn’t stick to glitter or sequins. Limit the use of these items or add them after lamination.
·         Don’t use thermal paper, which can turn black under the 200 degree heat of the lamination process.

You can have your strip laminated at Office Depot, Staples. The UPS Store in the Kroger shopping center is offering to laminate and attach magnet strips to senior locker decorations for $4.50. Express Copy across the street from the Kroger shopping center is charging $4.50 and offering magnetic strips for $.25 each. 

You can put small, inexpensive gifts in the locker 
(i.e. food, cards, etc.) 
Do not put in confetti, balloons or other items that will fall out when the locker is opened!

To make sure your finished strip fits the locker, decorate the white side with 
the embossed TF at the top.

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